MANAGEMENT OFFERINGS: "Effective leaders put words to the formless longings and deeply felt needs of others." Warren Bennis

We offer management consulting services that endeavor to collaboratively create an environment for your organization’s best intentions to take practical shape. We know your management team is your front line for expanding your organization's vision and mission. Our job is to help you build a solid management team of committed advocates for the organization's unqualified success.


Our services at a glance:


Social Intelligence/Emotional Intelligence for Professionals – learning the fine art of developing and maintaining a mature and fully productive relationship with self and others.


Team Building/Team Rebuilding (including leading teams, managing remote teams, resolving dysfunctional teams—conflict resolution).


Triad Leadership Intensive - this program is designed for high potential/emerging leaders. It is a six month commitment that employs a three-pronged approach. First, Triad facilitates once-a-month, highly interactive in-class sessions. Next, Triad uses short webinars to reinforce previous learning and to bridge upcoming content. Finally, Triad engages in six two-hour individual coaching sessions with its participants.


Resiliency and Stress Management For Professionals  Resilience for the Professional looks into what makes people move from high stress to a state in which the mind operates at its best. Participants will learn to assess their current level of stress and gain useful tools and practices to manage it. 


Taking The Lead With Horses – If you are a leader looking for an accomplished coach to help with your personal and professional development, try a horse! Equine assisted leadership programs and sessions are a proven, highly effective  and rewarding way to hone or discover the skills critical to being an influential leader or manager.


Cultural Transformation/Reformation/Integration – break down silos and root out redundancy in your organization. Learn how to effectively integrate different cultures from acquisitions and mergers. 


High Performing Virtual Teams – learn how to engage geographically and culturally diverse teams into an interdependent and cohesive force to drive extraordinary results.

Introducing and Leveraging Change – learn how to achieve not only buy-in but advocacy from your employees for change.


Group Coaching – session designed around coaching small groups rather than one-on-one.


Establishing Formal Mentoring Programs ( including train-the-trainer ).


Mindful Management – learn how to focus and stay focused on the big picture and the details at the same time.


Improving Governance/Decision Making – learn the fundamental skills of making ethical and financially sound business decisions using both reason and intuition.


Diversity Redefined Beyond Traditional Categories – generational, ethnic, religion, and gender are just a few of the variables of diversity in the organization.


The Art of the Creative/Innovative Manager – how to think like Leonardo Da Vinci: using multiple perspectives and discipline to redefine the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Understanding and Using Organizational Polarities – learn to think in terms of both/and rather than either/or.